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If you live in the great state of Minnesota, you know how cold our winters are. What could be better than vacationing on a warm beach in Mexico or the Caribbean?

There are many travel websites out there to book your trip on, however, are they always the best price? Do they have your best interest at heart and what are you really getting for your money! If you live in Minneapolis or any other city in Minnesota and plan on flying out of MSP, Wouldn’t you want to get the best price on your purchase?

Do Travel Websites Have the Best Price

You see the commercials every day on TV from places like Expedia and BookIt.com, they tell you that they have the best travel deals from Minneapolis. The truth is that on some hotels they do! These are the hotels that no one really wants to visit, and they can sell them cheap!

If you are planning your vacation departing Minnesota, you are best off using a travel in agent MN. Your local agency is going to get the best price from the suppliers for your area. If you have ever searched on Expedia and seen a listing for a Funjet package, this is the same rates your local travel agent is going to get you and many times even less. And if the online companies price is less, a good agent will match the price and still give you the best service!

Why Use A Local Travel Agent In MN

Using your local travel agent is more than just supporting your community, you are going to be taken care of.

Your local travel agent may not book hundreds of vacation packages a day like the online booking companies, but this is to your advantage! Not that it happens every day, but sometimes things go wrong while you are on your trip. This is something your travel agent is going to take care of for you, just one phone call and you are back to your life. Your agent if he or she is a good one, will do all the work for you! Why should you sit on the phone with the supplier that your package was booked with?elk river travel agent

With our clients we take care of any issues while you are on your trip, so you can enjoy your vacation. We have been booking packages for over 10 years, and during this time we have only had two issues where clients had a problem, so it is rare but does happen. We worked with the supplier to resolve the matter quickly and our clients only had to send one E-Mail.