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Sandals Travel Packages

If you are looking for the best all inclusive couples resorts, then Sandals is right for you.

Sandals resorts are luxury adults-only resorts that are designed with couples in mind.

The Caribbean islands have some of the most romantic travel destinations in the world, and Sandals resorts are on 6 of the most popular islands.

Are Sandals Resorts All Inclusive

At Sandals everything is included, their all-inclusive program is the best in the business.  

With unlimited all-inclusive amenities at all 15 Sandals Resorts, you are sure to be pleased with your Choice!

 Some Of The All Inclusive Amenities You Can Expect From Sandals

  • Gourmet Dinning

  • Top-Shelf Drinks

  • Beringer Premium Wines

  • Motorized Water Sports

  • Unlimited Golf

  • Scuba Diving

  • Land Sports

  • Free WiFi

  • Free Round Trip Transfers

  • Free Wedding

Love Is All You Need At Sandals Hotels

When you are looking for a location close to the United States that is perfect for the celebration of love, look no further than the Caribbean. Departing from Miami, for example, you can be enjoying the stunning sands of the Bahamas in less than one hour.

Best Resorts For Couples

Once at your exotic destination, it is time to embrace a life of luxury and celebrate your relationship. One resort chain that knows how to make sure every couple feels like they are the most important in the world is Sandals Hotels. One of the most popular choices for lovers everywhere is to book an all-inclusive experience at one of these hotels. It can be frustrating trying to budget for food, beverages, and extras after a hotel reservation has been paid for. But, with an all-inclusive vacation, you know exactly what you are going to get from the moment your plane touches down.

Unlimited Romance

This hotel chain is designed to make sure you get the best beach love-in available. The Caribbean already has the most stunning romantic scenery, white sands, and clear waters to encourage you and your loved one to relax. On top of this natural vista, you can expect the wonderful added extras of butler service, top-class entertainment, gourmet foods, and silky smooth wines.

Do you want to head out onto the water for some fun in the sun? From motorized water sports to scuba diving, the resort staff can make sure your needs are met. Those who prefer to stay on solid ground can enjoy a game of beach volleyball or unlimited play time on the beautiful golfing greens available.

When the sun goes down indulge in a cocktail, dance to the steel drum band next to a bonfire, or try a new gastro delight prepared by one of the five-star chefs.

When the night is over, you and your love can slip away to the ultimate in luxurious accommodations. A pillow menu, matching bathrobes, and the softest of linens are just a hint of what awaits you in your room.

Choosing the best hotel will make the difference between an enjoyable love-in, and a mediocre getaway. Make your next vacation choice wisely, so that you can enjoy every valuable second that you get to spend with your partner.

Sandals Antigua

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  Sandals Antigua Caribbean Village & Spa

This resort is all too famous for being voted one of the best vacation destinations for honeymooners. Situated in this Caribbean resort is the grand Dickenson Bay. Sandals Grande Antigua is home to the renowned Mediterranean Village and has a wide variety of good eating experiences with 11 distinct restaurants. Gaze upon the Caribbean Grove in the evenings and feel free to enjoy the World’s Leading Honeymoon Resort.  This resort has a full-service fine dining banquet center and a business center as well as an all-inclusive spa.

Enjoy one of the many romantic hiking pathways or book a seaside villa with us today!

Sandals Resorts Bahamas

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Sandals Royal Bahamian

Royal Bahamian started out as an exclusive island resort for the stars in the 40’s and today has become one of the more prominent Sandals destinations to fully experience what the Bahamas can provide.

With two exclusive offshore islands, a fabulous fitness center, an abundance of fine dining and bars, and of course numerous pools and spas to enjoy along your vacation path, Sandals Royal Bahamian has become the most highly sought after exclusive vacation destination for the entire region. Be sure to experience all of the vast underwater wildlife with a scuba diving package or be waited on hand and foot with a butler package. 

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Sandals Emerald Bay

Choose Sandals Emerald Bay for a world-class gaming experience. Enjoy a golf course designed by Greg Norman or much of the rich history that Emerald Bay provides. Sandals Emerald Bay is home to an almost 30,000 square foot spa accommodation as well as a huge marina. The dining in Emerald Bay is unmatched with 5 exclusive restaurants all with a distinct style of the Bahamas. There are about 250 rooms in the resort location but be assured your privacy will be respected with an all-inclusive butler service and secure, free wi-fi for keeping in touch with private or business associates.

Emerald Bay is well known for its distinct style, privacy, and endless ocean beauty. Call us today to book your vacation to Sandals Emerald Bay!

Sandals Resorts ST. Lucia 

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Sandals Grande St Lucian

Grande St. Lucian boasts of some of the most magnificent resorts with some of the most amazing panoramic views that will definitely capture your heart. With 2100sq ft. suites having exquisite interiors, natural flooring Roman soaking bathtubs, and an impeccable view of the sea from the balcony as well as the excellent butler services. Come experience some of the most sumptuous international cuisines, a global culinary extravaganza eight fascinating restaurants. With unlimited scuba diving, lively swim-up bars and thrilling nightclubs and a lot of dazzling entertainment, you are definitely going to have a good time.

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Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort Spa

Planning a vacation? Then Sandals Regency La Toc the sparkling jewel of the Caribbean is where you want to be. Come to enjoy the view of the sea from our suites offer of over 1000 sq ft of pure extravagance, luxuriously furnished with modern equipment and a world-class butler service. Come to enjoy the scintillating and tantalizing international dishes of nine restaurants waiting for you. Come to give yourself a treat in a superb spa that is sure to make you feel brand new. With more than enough activities to make your time as pleasant and exciting as possible, giving you the vacation of your dreams

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Sandals Halycyon Beach

Come create some of your most treasured memories in this tropical utopia where majestic palms line a pristine beach and luxuriant mountain rise from an azure sea. Kick off your romantic night with seven of the most scintillating restaurants to choose from, each having some of the most sumptuous delights. Enjoy an astounding ocean view right from your bed in a spacious room having excellent butler services. There is never a dull moment in Halcyon Beach where you can partake in any water sport imaginable, nightly entertainment, an extraordinary dining and a whole lot more to shift your sense of adventure into overdrive.

Sandals Resorts Jamaica

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Sandals Royal Caribbean

If seclusion is what you want, book a trip to Sandals Royal Caribbean private island getaway!

Fixated inside the culture rich section of Montego Bay, Jamaica, Sandals Royal Caribbean offers a diverse experience when it comes to vacationing in Jamaica. Daily boat trips and expanded water activities are available of course on this beautiful private island getaway. A key feature of Sandals Royal Caribbean is their convenient swim-up suites and warm hospitality. Beautiful hiking pathways and a romantic feel for couples is the main attraction for travelers to this resort. A vagrant nightlife accompanies this resort with many scheduled entertaining shows inside of the beautiful amphitheater. A full gym is also included and be sure to visit the elegant spa available on site.  

Sandals Royal Caribbean is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in Jamaica for travelers who are looking to share the feeling of island seclusion with their guests and other travelers. It is a great resort if you are looking for unique interactions and it provides a great relaxing atmosphere. 

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Sandals Whitehouse

Visit Jamaica’s comprehensive vacation resort, Sandals Whitehouse Jamaica! 

This prominent beachfront resort with European influence and style is sure to meet all of your vacation necessities. Sandals grants access to all of their amenities for their guests including three distinct little villages to visit, large pools to enjoy, snorkeling, quaint cafe’s, and much, much more! Sandals Whitehouse is situated in a 500-acre nature preserve and at night we encourage all travelers to take advantage of exclusive bonfire pits to enhance their Jamaica resort experience. They provide free Wi-fi access to all their patrons and if you do not take advantage of their water sports activities you are missing out! 

Call GMS Vacations today to enjoy two miles of exclusive beachfront property with Sandals Whitehouse Jamaica!

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Sandals Negril

Enchanting atmospheres and amazing dive sites – Choose Sandals Negril for spiritual island solitude.

Sandals Negril has been recognized for their vast efforts to preserve not only their environment around them but their high-quality customer service, being awarded the EarthCheck Double Platinum Certification for heading an impressive effort to minimize environmental impact. Every Sandals accommodation is just a few paces from rich, blue waters and beautiful beaches. Unique and private scuba diving is available as well as 24-hour room service. There are several bars for mingling with other travelers and locals as well as several fine dining establishments along Negril’s famous Seven Mile Beach.

We have a great relationship with Sandals and can put together a comprehensive vacation package for you. Call now!

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Sandals Montego Bay

For vacationers who want are looking for serious festivities- Book your vacation to Sandals Montego Bay.

This resort is the original Sandals location in Jamaica and thus the most inclusive. You can find all of the expected features, amenities, and activities that would come with a world-class Sandals vacation including exotic beaches, swim up bars, quality spas, beautiful dining accommodations, and of course…Free WiFi in all rooms. Couples can enjoy the on-site wedding chapel that has been home to many memories for Sandals travelers and Sandals Montego Bay is conveniently just minutes from the local airport. 

GMS Vacations is here to help provide the best Sandals vacation for you. Contact our professionals today and we can guide you through the Sandals vacation booking process and make it easy on you so you have more time to plan your tropical vacation!

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Sandals Grande Riviera

Vacationers always looking for the newest and grandest experience – We recommend Sandals Grande Riviera’s brand new Ocho Rios resort as the top choice.

Featured inside beautiful Ocho Rios, Jamaica lies Sandals’ Grande Riviera Resort. Many vacationers choose this resort for their exclusive OCHI Beach Club and famous Sandals Golf And Country Club. You will be encapsulated in 100 acres of the most beautiful landscapes and lush environments that Jamaica has to offer and this resort has taken care of every amenity in the book from world-class spas, to brand new fitness centers, on-site fine dining, and bars, butler services, hiking, wi-fi, you name it!

If you require couples privacy try the Riviera Seaside for an exclusive sandals experience through GMS Vacations

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Sandals Carlyle Inn

For a minimal feel with maximum relaxation and beauty, we encourage our vacationers to choose Sandals Carlyle. For couples, having privacy and attentive concierge services are imperative to a successful romantic island vacation. The tropical gardens that surround this resort provide a peaceful getaway and you are provided access to all of the nearby Sandals resort amenities. This “Breakfast In Bed” resort is very quiet with less than 52 rooms on site and is upheld to the highest standards for a quality experience. Regular talent shows, local concerts, and a local dining experience with a piano bar make every Sandals Carlye visitor right at home.

If you seek a “quaint” island experience than this resort may be for you. For more information contact one of our agents and we would be happy to assist you with any questions.

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Sandals Royal Plantation

If you are looking for unmatched personal service, Sandals Royal Plantation is right for you!

Royal Plantation, an all ocean view resort, situates its name around having a distinguished butler experience around every corner. The resort purposely limits the number of units it serves at any given point limiting the total suite count to 74 to keep all amenities available and private. The resort features a well-maintained golf course complete with player services and feel free to help yourself to Jamaica’s only exclusive champagne and caviar bar. Sandals Royal Plantation has a rich history of elite guests and company, as well as various desirable activities including snorkeling, various land, and water sports, as well as unlimited top quality dining. If you feel the need to exercise this resort provides a full gym and fitness center and a world-class spa experience.

Fill out our quick contact form or give us a ring and we will customize your Sandals Royal Plantation getaway!

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Sandals Grenada

Home to both black sand and white sand beaches with water so blue and clear that coral formations can be spotted from the air, Grenada’s volcanic origin has created a landscape of great beauty and variety, with rainforests, a 13–acre crater lake, cascading cliffs, and hot springs. Explore the natural splendor of the lush terrain and discover the history of the Island of Spice with visits to historic forts or the underwater sculpture park. Located in the southeastern Caribbean just north of Trinidad and Venezuela, the tri-island state of Grenada is made up of three islands, Grenada being the largest, occupying 133 square miles.