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Dive Destinations

If Scuba diving is your thing then we have compiled a list of top dive destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico

Cozumel All Inclusive Dive Packages

Cozumel Island, although it is not a real popular destination for honeymoons, family or romance vacations it is a divers paradise. There are plenty of all-inclusive hotels, that do cater to the above listed, but the activities are limited. The island has many dive shops and resorts that have great dive package, you can rent you’re and get great prices on charging your tanks. There are many reefs, caves and even shipwrecks to dive on.

One of the benefits of staying on Cozumel is there are some really great deals. Being the island is just off the coast of Playa Del Carmen you can take a ferry across to Playa for very cheap. Playa Del Carmen’s fifth avenue is an adventure of its own, There is great shopping, dance clubs, and restaurants.