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Money Saving Ideas When Booking A Vacation

These days we are all on a budget, always trying to find ways to cut the cost of everyday living. It is hard enough to pay our way of everyday expenses, let alone try to do something for our families like take a vacation. We at GMS Vacations understand you! We have put together a few ideas that can help you to save on your next vacation, whether you book it with us or someone else.

Be as flexible as you can on your departure date

Being flexible on your departure date can save you hundreds of dollar on the airfare portion of your vacation package. Leaving in the early part of the week is in most cases the cheapest, Sunday through Tuesday.

Pack light, How Much Do You Really Need To Bring?

Think about how much you are really going to need, in most cases, you are going to a warm tropical destination, do you really need two pairs of jeans per person? how many items are you going to wear, mostly shorts, T-shirts, swimsuit and flip-flops? If you are going to a resort that has a dress code for some restaurant you will need nice clothes for that, but only one outfit would do, you’re only wearing it for at most 2 hours, you can wear it twice. Packing light will save you money on baggage fees, on a family of four this can be a couple of hundred bucks!

many of the airlines like Sun Country will discount your baggage fees by $5.00 for paying online before your departure.

Ask Your Travel Agent If There Is A Promo Code

Sorry but it is true, most travel agents are not going to tell you if there is a promo code available, some don’t know if there is any available and some just won’t tell you because of greed! to be honest!  The average promo code will take $100.00 to $300.00 off the total package price, depending on the promotion and the final package price.

Ask For A Discount

It never hurts to ask!  By the way, we offer a first-time customer discount!

Whenever Possible Book An All Inclusive Vacation

Booking your vacation all inclusive will save you a mountain of cash!   What Is Included In An All Inclusive Vacation Package