Caribbean Vacations No Passport Required

When you are planning your or Caribbean vacation there are many thing you will need before you travel, the main thing being a U.S. Passport, However not for every island.

What to Consider Before Booking Your Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands Vacation

Although Puerto Rico and The US. Virgin Islands do not require you to have a passport, they are not what I would call a cheap alternative to buying a passport. They are two places I think everybody should see for sure, the culture and history in Puerto Rico is endless and so are the beaches. The US. Virgin Islands are what I would consider some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, if not the world.
The downfall to these beautiful destinations is that the all inclusive resorts are limited in the Virgin Islands, and to my knowledge there are non in Puerto Rico. But please don't let this discourage you from visiting one or both of these island destinations. With the average cost of going to Puerto Rico for a week being around $1350.00 per person, it is not going to break the bank. But keep in mind, you will be paying for all your meals and drinks while there. On the upside many hotels do have a kitchenette in the room, so yo can go to Walmart and buy your food and drink, "Yes Puerto Rico has a Walmart" as if you thought otherwise!, That is if you want to cook while on your vacation! Another expenses that most traveler to Puerto Rico en dour is a rental car, if you plan on seeing the sites it is the cheap way to do so, or there is always tour operators for a fee. The problem for me and many other travelers with using a tour operator is that your vacation is on their schedule, and you have to plan everything to a set time.
The US Virgin Islands does have some all inclusive resorts, but they are limited to just a few on each island. However they are not super expensive, an all inclusive resort for 7 nights in the Virgin Islands with air and transfers will run on an average about $1800.00 per person. Yes it is a lot of money, but no more expensive than going to a 4 or 5 star resort in Mexico, and compared to many of the other Caribbean islands it is a pretty average price.
If your are looking to see the Caribbean Sea on a budget than Mexico would be a better choice, yes you need a passport, but they don't really cost much. You can get your US Passport for around $55.00, it can take up to 60 days to receive it, but in most cases it is only 30 to 40 days. With the average cost of going to a Mexico all inclusive resort around $1600.00 person, it is more affordable.
By Scott Shaver 
A Minnesota travel agency
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